Aphex Engineering & Fabrication Services Limited was born out of a simple idea. To provide a service unrivalled to our customers where not only would our workmanship and professionalism provide a quality service but also a reassurance that the end product would meet the criteria of a growing fast paced world where speed and quality are no longer separated by virtue of a favoured option over the other to be able to meet demands. We have the experience and motivation to ensure all products are finished with the scrutineer of even the most stringent quality control of which is so precious in any competitive market.

From point of contact through to despatch we have developed key properties which allow us to deal with the intricacy of prototype work through to the complexity of large batch production work. Through intensive internal and external training our workforce has been tailor made to suit the industry.

CAD designA big part of project efficiency is having the ability to spot potential problems before they happen, by having our inhouse design team we have the ability to not only design bespoke parts from concept sketches but to also have the ability to dissect customer supplied drawings to check for potential errors before work commences saving time and money.

CNC Machining. Modern problems require modern solutions and this is where we excel. With our inhouse machine shop we can cater for a multitude of operations using our CNC lathe and CNC millers which lie amongst our other specialist equipment providing our customers with a project route with a limited number of outside vendors removing complications and allowing a single point of contact.

Steel fabrication. With our spacious purpose build fabrication workshop there is little we cant do, whether its a one of small hobbyist part all the way through to large scale construction projects there isn’t much we haven’t done. Our weld Engineers undertake thorough examinations regularly to ensure our quality meets the most stringent of tests and ensures we meet the varied regulations in the sectors we cover.

Product. With our inhouse designed and produced products our end users can rest assured that no corners are cut. From design through to finished products our management team lay a careful eye on all aspects of production be it a one of item or batch work, everything at every stage has a critical eye cast upon the process leaving no detail left un noticed. This forms part of our core belief and our core ethics when it comes to business. With our ever growing catalogue of products we set the standard for customer satisfaction.